Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Slot machine test: Robin Hood

This name is probably the world's a term and total Robin Hood is the most famous character from the middle ages probably, even if it is actually only part of various ballads. Today the myth no longer become indispensable and with the same name slots "Robin Hood", net Entertainment has set a new monument to the hero of Sherwood Forest. In addition to numerous books and films, there is the figure in the slot, and everyone knows that Robin Hood has taken it the rich to give to the poor. If you're going so not just as a multimillionaire in the game, you well have a good chance to get a little bit of the looted treasures. Good symbols and bonus features it does not lack in "Robin Hood" and fun with this successful design will make it anyway. Graphics and sound at a very high level here.

Play Robin Hood online now!

Robin Hood play online

This slot game really is lots of fun and has a lot to offer. Basically equipped of course with the same mechanisms as the most slots and yet unique. One each round aims for you to spin series, yielding profits. But it takes no particular side by side combinations, but just the same motif. In most cases at least three same motives on one line and there is profit, which is calculated by a multiplier.

The small, colorful figures you can see the lines left and right, of which there are twenty pieces in "Robin Hood". These lines go from the first to last roller and thus cover five areas. They are crucial, because only if a number on one line, it is also counted. The number of lines you can not change in "Robin Hood", but your usage. So you choose also how much profit you can make at all. In the "Paytable" you will see that each is equipped with different multipliers and accordingly higher usage can introduce even higher profit.

The slot game symbols in the online Slot Robin Hood

The letters and numbers that you know from the playing cards are

not inappropriate for this topic. After all, Kings and Queens in the world of Robin Hood are not uncommon. These five symbols have the lowest values, may nevertheless in certain constellations high profits lead to.

The different characters are the medium-sized icons. Started by the Knight about brother tuck up to Robin Hood himself. Just rows of four or five symbols make a big difference.

The free spins symbol provides no surprise for free games. You can win additional free spins during the free game round. In addition one of the images to a more wild, with the other symbols can be replaced. Usually this task is only the "Robin Hood"-symbol. Cannot be replaced, spins can the free theme, as well as the money bag. The latter can be collected even more free spins to win.

Has a special feature the slot of "Robin Hood" in addition: the shifting reels. Should you have made a profit, the next rotation with a higher multiplier is made so that you can win more and more, the more often you win one at a time. A five-time multiplier is here in addition to.

Slot machines instructions of Robin Hood

You can play "Robin Hood" in the online casino. In the fun mode or but for real stakes. Only in the latter case, you can do of course also real benefits. The height depends on the usage, which you can modify before each new round coins value and usage level. Here is the question of how much risk you want to play.

The slot machine also has an auto-start function. You can find them something hidden bottom left in the bar. You select a number of rounds, which will be executed automatically afterwards. It is played to the current usage. You want to prematurely terminate the mode, you simply click on 'Stop'.

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